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    Welcome to the True North Institute

    Doug Baker & Bill George

Powerful Stategies for Personal and Leadership Development


The True North Groups Institute

We believe that self-awareness is the foundation of all successful leadership development. Leaders in organizations. In communities. In society and families.

We believe that small groups are a powerful way of developing self-awareness.

The True North Institute fosters True North Groups within organizations and among individuals.  Let us help you leverage the power of True North Groups.



"We believe there is a unique role for personal, intimate groups that differs from the multitude of groups formed for specific purposes. By providing a safe place for deep, intimate discussions about life's most challenging questions, True North Groups enable us to become fully human and more truly alive, awakening to the enormous possibilities within each of us."

Doug Baker and Bill George, 
True North Groups: A Powerful Path to Personal and Leadership Development

“In addition to my wife Penny’s love and counsel, the people in these two groups have done more to help me develop as a whole human being and an authentic leader than anything else in my life. They have helped increase myself-awareness, sensitivity to others, and self-acceptance. In the early years, they helped me recognize I was trying so hard to get ahead that I was behaving very differently in my work and community than at home and in my personal life. That led me to decompartmentalize my life by attempting tobe the same person at home, at work, and in the community—with less facade and more authenticity.”

- Bill George, Harvard business school professor, former Medtronic CEO and best- selling author

Kare11 News Interview with Bill George and Doug Baker

Co-authors of True North Groups Institute: A Powerful Path to Personal and Leadership Development

Presidents of True North Groups Institute

September 14, 2011